The positive stuff

After a few failed assignments trying to fit inside the neuro-typical template I'm considering trying something different: honesty.

I've been coding since before I can remember. Coding is what I do best. If I'm allowed to code in my own way then I can produce, IMHO, really good code. It's well designed, it's tested, it's written according to specification, it's documented.

Let me be my true self and I promise I'll out-perform all of your expectations.

I can do C (libvalidate) and C++ (libseafire-server). I can do .NET/C#. For platforms including Linux, Windows, and Android. I've done coding for more obscure platforms such as BeOS and Symbian/EPOC as well. I work with tools such as Git, Harness Drone, Gitea, and Docker daily.

I do Kanban as well as Scrum. I can write technical documentation as well as specifications. I can help you setup your development environments from scratch. I can help you go from no-testing to full-blown test-driven development. I'm good at DevOps. I can guide less experienced developers in writing modular, testable, and maintainable code. I'm good at keeping track of complex abstract concepts and transforming them into code. I see details and how they're connected to form a bigger picture.

If you allow me to be me, I'll be the most loyal person you've ever met. I'm kind. I'm helpful. I'm quite fun to be around.

Everything has drawbacks though, read more after the short interlude.


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The possible negatives

This section is about how I work, which is quite different from the "normal".

I don't do 8 hour work-days. I do 36 hours straight, then I sleep for 15 hours. I don't do boring sterile offices(1), I do coding at home, at a coffe shop, or at nightclubs playing really loud and hard techno. Headphones just doesn't do it. Bass should be felt. I don't do breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I do McDrive at 4 am. I don't do the gym and healthy living, I do cigarettes, energy drinks, and large amounts of coffee. All of this should be irrelevant, I think focus should be on the quality of the code I produce.

Good music (loud that is) is what makes my brain tingle and environments such as night clubs is where I thrive. Some of my best lines of code have been written at Bongo Bar in Jönköping or in the IKEA restaurant surrounded by life. libseafire saw its birth in a quite noisy environment at DreamHack.

I'm autistic, bipolar, and diagnosed with what was previously known as borderline personality disorder. Sometimes I'm in an infinitely deep black hole, the next day I own the world. I'll miss some meetings, I'll attend others. Some days I'm really productive, some days I can't get out of bed. I don't read social cues very good. I don't do nor understand the point of small talk. I don't understand why sometimes things are right even when they're wrong. I especially do not understand why people listen to bosses when said bosses clearly have no clue what they're talking about. I do not understand why people say one thing in private but don't have the guts to speak out loud in front of management. This inevitably makes me quirky and stand out from the rest.

I love writing code. Do you value well-written code? Hire me! It will be worth it. (Scroll down for contact details.)

(1): I don't get the fixation on being in-office all the time. I'm all for meeting people, but in environments that are fun and inspirational. Such as bars, restaurants, night clubs, at home, in a park. Why waste a majority of lifetime inside a cubicle? Please explain...


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The End

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